We all want to tell great stories and get them to a broad audience. We'll work with you to make this happen by focusing in on these three ideas... 



It all starts here. What story do you want to tell? Why do you want to tell it now? What's unique about your story? What are three things you absolutely want people to take from this experience? 


Know your audience. Who are we making this for? Why will they want to watch this? Where will they see it?

THE Platform

Now that we know what story you want to tell and to whom, let's find the best way to reach them. We'll work together to launch the project. Does it start with a series trailer on Instagram or YouTube? Do we launch at an event or a film festival? Should the pieces live natively on Facebook or strive for Netflix or Amazon?


Once we answer these questions, we’ll put together a story outline and clear media strategy that will include distribution, promotion, and social media impact.