We approach each story asking the same basic questions we always have: how can we take this story - these people, words, ideas, and images and turn them into something that can last and be beautiful?


Redglass Pictures is a full-service production studio. When we started the company in 2008, the world of documentary filmmaking was a little different. YouTube and Vimeo were obscure startups, Facebook had no video, and feature-length documentaries were the only ones that mattered. At a certain point, a question occurred to us: what if a film didn’t need to be long to move people and be something that they remember? We suspected that if you made a short film really well, with care and attention, that it could be every bit as rich and meaningful as a long one. So we set out to prove it.

Our work has been distributed by HBO, PBS, The New York Times, and The Atlantic and has been displayed in museums and public events all over the world. We have won a Tribeca X Award, DuPont and two Webby Awards.

Our Team