Make Something Beautiful.


History of Memory Wins Tribeca X!

HISTORY OF MEMORY was recently honored with the Tribeca X award for Best Episodic Short Film series. The series explores stories of real people whose lives were forever altered by the discovery, creation, or preservation of a single photograph. Client: HP 


Redglass Project Profiled in The LOs Angeles Times

In the HP films, New York-based Redglass Pictures promoted the power of printed photographs through three real-life tales — a love story, a mystery and a discovery.
— Wendy Lee, The LA Times

Miracle on 22nd Street Optioned to Tina Fey and Universal

Our most favorite short has been optioned by Tina Fey and Universal - to be made into a feature film. Also check out the non-profit committed to fulfilling holiday gifts for families in need. Distribution: The New York Times


Neil Degrasse Tyson Video hits 55 million views

Neil deGrasse Tyson makes a passionate and unfiltered case for science in this short film that headlined the March for Science in Washington, DC and went on to become a viral sensation.


Ken Burns on Storytelling

In On Story, we turn the camera on the filmmaker (which was quite intimidating) and ask him to reveal some of his most basic truths about storytelling. The film was the start of what would be a decade-long friendship and filmmaking collaboration between Redglass Pictures and Ken Burns.


"Redglass Pictures demonstrates mastery of the compelling short form documentary." - Ken Burns