Redglass Pictures is a full-service production studio lead by Sarah Klein and Tom Mason.

When we founded Redglass Pictures back in 2008, the world of documentary filmmaking was a little different. YouTube and Vimeo were obscure startups, Facebook had no video, and feature-length documentaries were the only ones that mattered. At a certain point, a question occurred to us: What if a film didn’t need to be feature-length minutes long to move people and be something that they remember? We suspected that if you made a short film really well, with care and attention, that it could be every bit as rich and meaningful as a long one. So we set out to prove it.

Not long after, we made a 7-minute short film called Miracle on 22nd St. for The New York Times. Even though these were the early days of social media, millions of people saw it and sent it to their friends and loved ones. Tina Fey and Universal Studios optioned the film rights. We have been making cinematic short films ever since.

Now, the media landscape is flooded with so much “content” that it can almost feel disposable. Even the word “content” implies a cheap commodity. That’s not what we make. We approach each story asking the same basic questions we always have: how can we take this story - these people, words, ideas, and images and turn them into something that can last and be beautiful?

- Sarah and Tom


Tom Mason

Tom Mason is the co-founder of Redglass, and in addition to co-directing and producing films with Klein, also serves as the principal of photography and post production. Mason’s cinematic approach to shorts comes from his deep roots in film and still photography, which he studied at Syracuse University. After receiving an Alexia Grant, Mason spent a year documenting the world of Russian adoption agencies. Some the projects he has co-directed at RedGlass include George Saunders: On Story and Ken Burns: On Story with the Atlantic, and How To Win An Election for The New York Times.

In addition to his work at Redglass, Mason is also an adjunct professor of digital storytelling at Columbia University’s School of Journalism.


Sarah Klein

Redglass co-founder Sarah Klein is an award-winning producer and director. Her early credits include the HBO documentary, Hard as Nails and the Arte film, The Good Mother. Redglass Pictures was formed in 2006 and since then, Klein has co-directed and produced many notable projects, including “The History of Memory for” HP, and a series of short films for Ken Burns’ Cancer: The Emperor of Maladies, which won a DuPont Award. Among the many hats she wears at Redglass, Klein leads creative development and production. She has had the honor of interviewing: The Obamas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Kerry, Michael Chabon and JJ Abrams to name a few.

When not on location Klein may be found in her studio creating large-format abstract collage.

Our Team